We are an online store where customers satisfy their urge for quality products. Thirteen Months of Sunshine is obsessed with providing desired accessibility to our customers. In other words,
we link our amiable customers to their choice of quality products. We achieve this by understanding each customer’s need and making these products available on our online platform.
The highest-grossing online store difficulty for customers worldwide is finding the right product. That is why Thirteen Months of Sunshine Ltd helps customers overcome their greatest challenge.
We ensure that you can get enough opportunity to pick only the best products.


At Thirteen Months of Sunshine, we believe that everything starts and ends with our customers. That is why we created a customer community where your voice is heard, and your needs are met. Our community is based on fostering our social values. Our founder began with three values in mind: customer experience, integrity, and diversity.

It is on our founder’s intended values that our community is built. First that all our customers can be satisfied with the products they are being offered. The next value Thirteen Months of Sunshine has is the solid moral principle of only offering quality products. And then, our products do not imitate any form of discrimination.


Thirteen Months of Sunshine offers an online presence that caters to the dynamic stories of our customers. We bid solutions to various shopping problems. Thirteen Months of Sunshine provides remote access solutions. Our customers tell stories of being offered products that have higher values than their price. Above all, every sect, culture, and group is provided for. These are a few of the familiar stories in our communities.

These stories are a means of empowering a global customer base. This community is constantly being flourished with customer stories through product reviews. Our customers tell their stories with images, ratings, and text reviews. Thirteen Months of Sunshine reciprocate the openness of customers. We do so with our attentiveness to their complaints.


To guarantee that all our customers access only the right products and benefit from our values, we inspect our products thoroughly. The inspection process focuses on auditing our existing and potential suppliers. The inspection process also involves testing these products. This way we can certify if a product would satisfy our customers.

Products being offered by Thirteen months of Sunshine are not limited. It cuts across a wide range of products and brands that our customers are interested in. We provide you with only products from reputable brands across the world. We are a licensed organization permitted to import and export. Hence, we reach out to very distant locations as our customers would like.

Brand Guidelines

Our product catalog includes products for your home. These home appliances include durable electronics and gadgetries. We also have cross-cultural fashion accessories for males and females. You will find beauty products on our website to match your style drive. There are also numerous other products for your babies, pets, and automobiles.

There is an easy access list at the bottom of our website. The brands represented by their products on our website have their guidelines. These guidelines are there to ensure the proper use of Thirteen Months of Sunshine products. Alongside this list are the variant choices of payment for your product purchase.